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Five-year guarantee for Salonloewe® Design/Uni floor mats

Thank you
for choosing a quality product from Salonloewe®.
Salonloewe® floor mats provide many years of enjoyment if the accompanying care instructions are followed.
Efia GmbH provides a five-year guarantee on products from the ‘Salonloewe® UNI’ and ‘Salonloewe® DESIGN’ ranges. This applies from the date of purchase, or from the time of goods receipt in the case of orders. Claims under the guarantee must be lodged with the seller immediately when a defect occurs within the guarantee period. This guarantee applies to the whole of Europe and does not grant any rights to compensation for damages.

The intended condition and tolerances of the product:
Surface/pile material:
 Frieze velour (100% polyamide)
Back/coating: emcoFlex rubber
Total height: 7 mm Tolerance: +/- 2%
Size/dimensions: Tolerance due to material: +/- 5%
Edging width: 10 mm or without edging
Colour deviations: Colour deviations are possible due to production
Effect: Absorption/retention of moisture, dust, dry dirt

Usage and care instructions:
Positioning the floor mat: 
Suitable for all untreated, clean and dry floor coverings that are free from dust, including heated flooring. Slip-resistant on solid flooring (e.g. stone, wood, parquet, hard vinyl). On freshly laid flooring, wait until the full drying time has elapsed before laying the mat.

Washing/care: Before using the product, wash it once without detergent in a washing machine. After this, wash separately as needed every 1–3 months with mild detergent at an environmentally friendly 40°C or a hygienic 60°C.
Spin on a slow cycle. Dry in a tumble dryer or lay out flat to dry.
Clean with a vacuum cleaner if necessary.
Do not brush, bleach, iron or steam-clean the surface or clean it with a spray extraction machine.
Do not dry on a radiator.

The guarantee shall be valid in the following cases:

  • If the product differs from the intended condition or loses its effectiveness.
  • If the upper layer detaches from the bottom layer (frieze velour separates from the rubber) or if dye from the material bleeds or rubs off.
  • If the edging detaches from the product.
  • If the product loses its original shape or colour when it has been washed, spun and dried correctly.

The guarantee shall be invalidated in the following cases:

  • If the product is damaged by improper use or handling, by a repair or by other interventions by the user.
  • If the product is damaged due to improper care and failure to comply with the care instructions.
  • If the product is used for a purpose other than its intended purpose.
  • If the product differs from the intended condition but this does not impair the practical value of the product.

What to do in the event of a guarantee claim: As the consumer, please contact your seller/retailer directly with evidence of payment and send them the faulty product or clear pictures of the damage. The consumer/seller/retailer must prove that the guarantee has not expired, for example by presenting the proof of purchase or the Efia guarantee card with proof of purchase. Where appropriate, Efia is entitled to determine the start of the guarantee period based on the production date.

Services in the event of a guarantee claim: Efia shall be free to repair the product in question, to exchange it for an equivalent product or to reimburse the consumer for the purchase price via the seller. Efia shall settle the claim with the seller/retailer that sold the floor mat to the consumer. The seller/retailer shall settle the claim with the consumer. Efia does not accept or permit direct refunds to the consumer with the cash value, a cheque, a credit note or in any other form.
The guarantee shall not restrict the statutory rights, in particular warranty rights. The Efia guarantee shall also not affect the rights of the end user/consumer with regard to the seller/retailer from which the initial customer purchased the product.