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Perfect hygiene in next to no time

Salonloewe floor mats couldn’t be easier to look after. They are colour-fast, highly robust, extremely low maintenance and can of course be washed and tumble-dried.

In the washing machine, Salonloewe floor mats like to have the place to themselves and ideally prefer to be loosely crumpled together with the pile facing outwards.

After washing, Salonloewe floor mats enjoy the cosy warmth of a tumble dryer…
… but can also be left to dry naturally.
They feel at home at an environmentally friendly 40°C or a hygienic 60°C – and they love mild detergent.
Please note the maximum capacity of your washing machine – Salonloewe floor mats quickly become heavier when washed. It is best to use a laundrette for sizes of 75×190 cm and above.

Salonloewe floor mats can get a little dizzy:
they prefer a low speed for the spin cycle.