The EFIA company

EFIA GmbH is based in Nuremberg and is a subsidiary of the emco group. It was founded on a Friday in 2010.
The company’s name comes from Africa, where Efia is a female name that means ‘born on Friday’.
As one of the leading suppliers of mats for private homes, the company designs and produces high-quality floor mats that are made in Germany. It sells these under the ‘Salonloewe’ brand name.

In 2015, EFIA expanded its product range to include high-quality home textiles in the distinctive Wachtmeister Lifestyle designs, ranging from vibrant cushion covers, functional doorstops and draught excluders to its own line of kitchen textiles.

EFIA employs twelve staff at its Nuremberg site (number correct as at January 2018). The three founders Andrea Drechsler-Trimis, Manfred Kraus and Thomas Kraus have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
The team in Nuremberg looks after the core European market and the range selection, whilst production, administration and warehousing are the responsibility of the Lingen site.


A strong team with more than 20 years of experience – and one clear aim!

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EFIA is a subsidiary of the emco Group – which makes it part of a strong team.